Preliminaries Last updated: 2022-04-10

Welcome to the Distributed Systems Laboratory Web Page.

Course information

Instructor Lecturer Dr. Patrascu Andrei
Teaching Assistant Associate Lecturer Dr. Mihailescu Marius Iulian

Laboratory description

The main objective of the Distributed Systems laboratory is to understand those issues that are experienced when working with modern distributed systems and to understand the distributed architecture, synchronization, consistenence and naming concepts in a real-world distributed system. During this laboratory the student will work with a variety of examples that will give him a quick overview on how a distributed system should be designed, offering him new insights and perspectives for complex applications that use map reduce and not only.

Laboratory Objective(s)

The main objective(s) of the laboratory and the expected outcomes are:

  • Becoming familiar with Go Lang.
  • Allowing to work with multicore processors.
  • Creating networked systems and applications.
  • Working with massive computation clusters.
  • Learning when to limit allocation by controlling memory layout.
  • Working with garbage collector, implementing on active areas of work and research.
  • Making the proper design decisions, allowing and working with pointers.
  • Working and dealing with Cocurrency and Parallelism.

Laboratory Structure

# Laboratory Title Date and Time
01 Example of Distributed System October 5th, 2022


The mark from the laboratory will be obtained based on assignments. Its value is 40% from 100%. See the details from below.
The rules for each assignment are found within each file.